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  • ERS Birthday Bash – March 19 – LIVE with Bobaflex and Industry


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  • 3 hour studio session

    Spent the morning in a swank midtown studio, Kestrel and I laying down the setlist for the March 19 gig.  We’ve been recording for so long it felt good to dust off the cobwebs.  We’ve been retweaking the tunes since it’s down to a 2 man show and I can say with a sense of relief I think it’s going to be better than ever.  We have some cutting edge sounds, great songs and awesome energy still surround the music so I’m ready to blow your house down little piggies.  2 new tunes which are blowing our houses in:  Pavement and Gimme a Kiss.  Get ready to here these babies fly.    Get tixx now.  Have ’em at Kave as well.

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  • Back with Bobaflex in NYC

    A blast from the past when I was on tour with Fixer.  I’ll be supporting Bobaflex on their NYC stop at Slake on March 19th.  On tour supporting their new album Charlatan’s Web.  I’ll be debuting some new tunes as well as highlights from Neon Gas and The Opponent.  Come get your RoKK Dance Dub House Groove on with me and DJ. M Kestner.  Tixx only 10 bones, discount at my espresso bar ( or get me through facebook.

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  • The Opponent gets a good review

    Take the good and the bad but people mostly like the bad so this review may bore you.  I enjoyed it – Thanks CCMag. ~ERS

    Evan Russell Saffer – The Opponent

    Posted by Geneva on February 25th, 2014

    Evan Russell Saffer is introducing us to electro-punk through his album The Opponent. Wait, don’t go running for the hills just yet. Skeptical as always, the words “electro-punk” just don’t sound like anything promising. However, The Opponent actually is. Find some dance music and get some dirtier, edgier vocals and that’s Evan Russell Saffer.

    The song “One Friend” actually reminded me of White Zombie‘s “More Human Than Human” at first. The electronic beats with a growling vocal track is definitely appealing. While Saffer’s voice isn’t as dirty, it is still grungy enough to make dance music not so annoyingly pop-y.

    You can give his songs a listen on his website here. It’s like if Skrillex were also a punk band with real vocals instead of just vocal loops.

    Aside from the music, just check out the album art:


    It’s all impressive. It’s a well executed attempt at a genre that will raise a few suspicious brows. The songs are made well. They’ve got a graphic designer who knows how to make an awesome album cover that actually looks like the album sounds: electronic with a hint of humanity.

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  • One Friend radio adds this month

    If you’re looking for a new online radio station or want to help spread the song around, tune in, request One Friend, enjoy.

    stations who are going to feature ERS on their playlists over the coming weeks:

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  • One Friend video coming soon!


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  • One Friend added to the following radio stations

    The NYC gig on Jan 16th has been cancelled.  No further dates are posted at this time.  In other news, One Friend has been added to the following radio stations.  Feel free to request ERS

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  • One Friend added to Madd Radio in Chicago

    Thanks Tony!

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  • Nightshift Music Mag rips me a new one on this review!

    The best review of my career, well, actually the worst but the most entertaining…so the best.  I’ll save you the trouble of sifting through this mag and just post the actual review here.  From Nightshift – an Oxford Music Magazine out of UK:
    > DUMPER
    > It takes something genuinely special to beat
    > The Glassguns to the bottom of the demo
    > pile, but here it is. With bells on. Or maybe
    > that should be with balls on, since this demo
    > couldn’t be more savagely, moronically macho
    > if it dropped its trousers in the middle of the
    > street, clutched its shrivelled little dick in
    > one hand, pumped its other fist in the air and
    > bellowed at some poor passing lady to “fackin’
    > get a load of that!” before swaggering off to
    > join the Brookes University Rugby Club. We
    > genuinely believed music like this died and
    > was buried in an unmarked, unmourned grave
    > sometime around 1990. Most disappointingly
    > of all it comes to us by way of Martin Kestner,
    > who some readers might remember being
    > producer and beatmaker with rather good
    > local hip hop crew Big Speakers a few years
    > back. What he contributes to this fiasco we
    > don’t know for certain, maybe a few electronic
    > beats that cower beneath the cataclysmic
    > explosion of hair metal musical diarrhoea that
    > is The Opponent. Incredibly, the whole thing
    > starts off pretty well – ominous electronic
    > drones and portentous narrative about roads
    > to hell and stolen lines from The Wizard of
    > Oz. Little did we know that road to hell was
    > a hint towards the sub-AC/DC bilge to come.
    > At their best – sorry, least inexcusable – The
    > Opponent sound like one of those Johnnycome-lately rock bands who teamed up with
    > some rap act or other back in the 90s to try
    > and ride the already collapsing wave of fusion
    > noise, but they’ve missed the rap bit out and
    > it’s little more than cock rock smeared all
    > over overblown hip hop beats. At their worst,
    > the coyly-titled `ICLYAMTIDN’, they’re
    > nothing more, nothing less, than a pompous
    > Poison/Motley Crue/Bon Jovi-aping parody
    > of a punchline-free joke of a rock band.
    > “I’d like to fuck you from a distance,” wails
    > the singer with all the sexual magnetism of
    > a blocked pub urinal. Go get him, ladies.
    > Preferably while armed with a sizeable pair
    > of garden shears.”
    If anyone has a comment good or bad for the editor you can write to nightshift(at)
    Thanks for reading! ERS

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  • One Friend added to Riot Grrrl Radio program on Cream City Radio

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